About me

I would say I'm like a lot of knife makers.  I started collecting knives as a child, buying anything blade that folded or came in a sheath.  Over time I started to get curious about how the knife was made, taking apart the folders and studying each part, then putting it back together.   As time went by discovering that there was a whole big world of custom cutlery out there.  I found myself diving in head first and never looking back, began to purchase a knife here an there.  As I found myself with the collection of custom knives.  I told myself I can do this, make a custom knife.   I began to purchase tools that  I would need, also finding companies to purchase the materials needed.  Getting everything together, I started by trial an error,  slowly getting better each time.  In 2010 I began to sell the knives I was making.  I hope everyone will have the enjoyment of owning and using my knives as much as I did making them.

I would like to thank you very much for visiting my website.

Joseph E. Roorda